Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Flushing CowParade

I was invited to make a cow for the Flushing CowParade, an event to further celebrate the Year of the Ox. My cow is called "Cowbella" and she's a cousin of Angelicow who I made back in 2000. Today was the first day of the open studio in the Flushing Mall in Queens and it was wonderful! I met so many people and made a million new little friends. I even had some helpers! Today I painted the cow pink and carved out the shapes that I will adhere to her surface. Tomorrow it's back to the mall to continue the work. If anyone is in the Flushing area and feels like stopping by, please do! I will update my progress each day that I work. Enjoy!


Judy C said...

Cowbella is quite pretty but I didn't know cows had horns. I thought it was only bulls. But then what do I know. Raised in town.

margot said...

i'm excited to see the progress!! AND THE KIDS HELPING ARE SO CUTE!

cartoongoddess said...

Can't wait to see it finished!