Sunday, May 17, 2009

sculpture of Alex

Huge congratulations to my wonderful former neighbors from Chappaqua! Last night Alex Kleinman had his Bar Mitzvah and for the special occasion I made this mini sculpture of him.

Love you Alex, Ben, Maggie and Mitch! xoxo


Luís Ditter said...

I don´t no why...but when I look your sculpture you drive me
Very good.

vincent b. said...

WAOW! Alex is so lucky, a sculpture of himself as a rock star... this piece is very good!

I am not forgetting about the 3D things liz, I'm preparing some stuff to publish an overview of every 3D visualisation techniques, as a starter, and then another one specially related to what is possible to do with your work. It's going to take me a bit as I have a lot of work now, plus all my pics from boston and NY to treat and publish.


Benedict said...

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4rx said...

Looks very cool, it may look great on a t-shirt.

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