Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Margot Miller!

Happy Birthday to the sensational and always inspirational Margot Miller! It's hard to put into words what this little lady means to me (especially when I am this tired) but suffice it to say it's a TON! Besides being one of my dearest, closest friends, she's the creative genius behind my most treasured possession... the Hope Yoga Bag which she made using Swarovski crystals and was for sale on ebay. I bid like crazy on it, didn't get it, and when she found out how badly i wanted it... she made me one!
Here she is signing a copy of the Time Out NY that she was featured in for being so crafty.
Happy Birthday Margot Miller! WE LOVE YOU! xo


margot said...

OMGOSH I JUST READ THIS! i love you more!!
thanks :-)

Shane Keaney said...

hi Liz, was hoping to see you today to tell you in person how much i love cow bella, and the one you did last year! but it's ok =) next time! ::echo::

safe meds said...

Margot indeed you are amazing, your work is incredibly good.