Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oi Brasil!

Thank you to BBC Brasil for featuring my work!


adyrus said...

Hi Liz!!

I am Brazilian.
its beautiful dolls.


Moriah said...

Hi, Liz

I live in Brazil and I (happily!) bumped into your work on the net and have been sending it to some Brazilian friends since then.

You're a fantastic artist!

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Luís Ditter said...

Hi Liz...

I´m brazilian too.
Your sculpture is very inspire for me.

(How about to sculpt a brazilian soccer player??)...xd


Hi Liz, I saw your dolls and loved them! I think you do a very good work. It´s amazing how you get the expression of the characters!
Congratulations and sucess for you!
Kisses from your brazilian fan
Silvia Figueiredo

Munir El Kadre said...

I found your work amazing!! Yep, i´m brazilian too and despite working with technology and IT stuff i was always interested in arts.

You´re a great Artist, and a beautiful woman. Congratulations.

Andre said...

Greetings from Brazil, Liz!

Congratulations, your work is awesome and very inspirational! Keep Rockin'!

Best regards,