Tuesday, March 24, 2009

money, money, money

I made SO much money today!
Well, not the kind you're thinking of.

Here's a work in-progress photo of the sculpture I am making. It's going to be a really fun piece for Texas Monthly. I'll post more about it soon...


Anonymous said...

You could work for the Government! They need someone to make more money!!!!! Love you and the money honeyxxxxxxxxxxxxxMumsie

Israel C. Evans said...

Luvs me summa dat munnie!

I've got a bunch of questions for you! If you don't mind answering them I'd be very grateful. If you do mind, I understand and will go away, hanging my head in shame for buggin the very busy Liz.

Could you tell us a bit about the paints you use and your painting technique?

Do you thin your paints much, and if so, with what?

Do you find your paints dry quickly enough for you, or do they remain tacky for some time?

Do you cook your sculpy before you paint?

Do you keep your creations around after you've photographed and photoshopped them? If so, do you have a giant warehouse in the works?

How are you so incredible so often?

Liz Lomax said...

Israel, just wanted you to know that I've been on a massive deadline which is why I've not responded to your wonderful questions yet. Thank you so much for your comment and I'll get answers for you in the next day hopefully. Thanks again!

Ira said...

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