Monday, March 2, 2009

Noel celebrates 10,000!!!

Our Noel Gallagher video has now been watched 10,000 times! To celebrate we took Noel outside in the back garden for some fresh air.

It was a very short photo shoot due to the arctic blast that hit us when we walked out the door.
From left: My amazing husband who did all the video editing, Noel, and me.
Another big THANK YOU to all the people who watched it, commented and helped spread it around!


mumsie said...

Poor Noel, he wasn't even wearing a hat!! Bet he sang a song to get back inside. CONGRATULATIONS ON TEN THOUSAND - hope it will be warmer when you take him out for the 20,000 celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gianni D said...

that video is going to spread like wild fire....Congrats!