Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrating 18 years of OASIS!

At first I was heartbroken by the OASIS break-up, then shocked (not really... who didn't see this coming?), then really happy for Noel Gallagher. I know he will go on to make amazing music. We decided to take Noel out for a swift pint at our local to help him celebrate his departure from the band. I would have liked to make it an all night affair but I am on some insane deadlines right now and hopefully when it's all through, I can do some real celebrating myself! WE LOVE YOU NOEL! Good move & well done!


Jenea said...

HI Liz!!! You made very great work!!!
I am

margot said...

hahahahahha!!!!!!! HILARIOUS.

Kimberly said...

Lizzie! Where have you been? I miss you. This Friday is my big day! I promise to share pics! Email don't be a stranger!

Love Always,
Your #1 Fan

Homer said...

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