Friday, April 3, 2009

your questions answered

Israel C. Evans asked some great questions last week which I’ve been looking forward to answering (sorry for the delay Israel! I’ve been on deadline)

Could you tell us a bit about the paints you use and your painting technique?
I always paint faces with oil paints and usually paint bodies and clothing with acrylic.

Do you thin your paints much, and if so, with what?
Yes, I thin the oil paint with Gamsol mineral spirits and do use quite a lot of it. I like how forgiving oils are- if I make a mistake I can wipe it right off!

Do you find your paints dry quickly enough for you, or do they remain tacky for some time?
Even though most of the pieces are painted with oil, the speed with which they dry is never an issue because I am only photographing them. If it’s a private commission or a cake topper then I make sure I’ve allowed the necessary drying time before handing over the sculpture.

Do you cook your sculpey before you paint?
Yes! But I don’t follow the directions on the box. Ovens vary so much that it’s trial and error to find the right temperature and time to bake Sculpey. I set my oven to 250F and the time will depend on the thickness of the piece. I usually will bake it in stages... it’s easier to bake it some more if it’s not fully cured, but once you’ve burned it you can’t go back!

Do you keep your creations around after you've photographed and photoshopped them? If so, do you have a giant warehouse in the works?
I used to keep them around until they started to take over (they were everywhere!) When I moved from my old apartment I wanted to start fresh with no sculptures around so I put them in storage. After about a year or so of that I took them out and got rid of most of them. I don’t feel a need to hang onto them so if they are not purchased right after they are made then they sit around for a while. Maybe twice a year I’ll go through them and decide what to give away and what to smash with a hammer.

Thanks so much for your questions! I hope these answers will help you.


Judy C said...

Oh please, the next time you pick up a hammer, contact me. I have lots of storage space at my house.

Liz Lomax said...

Ok Judy! You're on!

margot said...

yeah lady, hammering is not cool.
love, margot

Luís Ditter said...


We think you´re crazy, because we love your sculptures and you say "I need some space and the hammering.." OH NO!!!!
Brasil has a lot of space...then send us...rsrsr

Darkness U.S.A said...

smash with a hammer????!!!!!!! that is like Richie Rich using wads of cash to light a fireplace

Bennett said...

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