Monday, February 9, 2009

Liz Lomax is a Netdiver Best of the Year 2008

Yes! it's true! and I am thrilled to be amongst the top talents of the year! and doubly thrilled to be in the Powagirrrls section, shedding light on "women who rock the design scene"!

from the fabulous editor of Netdiver, Carole Guevin...
"Netdiver, an internationally recognized driving force promoting design around the world, has just released the list of projects and whose talents have made a strong and lasting impression in 2008. We aimed to list 100 and just could not. So how about 110 because we feel they gave their 110% best! Listed alongside Time Magazine Best of the Year (ranking via Google) needless to say that is a mighty achievement.

Now in its 7th edition, the crop of the year is for us, the top of the year. Refresh your memory and (re)encounter new sources of design inspiration"

Thank you Netdiver!