Friday, February 6, 2009

Design Week Interview

Anna Richardson of Design Week in London recently contacted me for some thoughts on 3D Illustration for a feature she was writing. I've posted below what I had to say but please read the rest of the article. She interviewed three other amazing 3D artists (two whom I know personally and who's work I love, and one newer artist) and you'll want to check out their work and hear what they say!

New York-based Liz Lomax calls herself an illustrator who works three-dimensionally and always begins projects with a sketch, before sculpting the figurines and environments. Most of her work is for advertising, such as a recent MasterCard 'priceless' campaign, and Lomax believes the medium is becoming more widely accepted, thanks not only to more art directors taking a chance, but also to technological developments. Digital photography, for example, allows her to shave time off the creative process. She also puts the appeal of her work down to the connection the viewer might feel with it. 'Most of us have played with Play-Doh or Plasticine at some point,' she explains, 'There's something about it we can all identify with.'

The rest of the article is here...