Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrating 18 years of OASIS!

At first I was heartbroken by the OASIS break-up, then shocked (not really... who didn't see this coming?), then really happy for Noel Gallagher. I know he will go on to make amazing music. We decided to take Noel out for a swift pint at our local to help him celebrate his departure from the band. I would have liked to make it an all night affair but I am on some insane deadlines right now and hopefully when it's all through, I can do some real celebrating myself! WE LOVE YOU NOEL! Good move & well done!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I AM alive!

I swear, I AM still here. Forgive me Father, it's been one month and one day since my last blog post! No, I have not been on holiday enjoying the summer. I've been hard at work on deadline after deadline. I've got some exciting projects that I'd love to share with you, but so far they are top secret and can't be revealed until they are out in print.
I CAN tell you about some exciting deliveries from Mr. Postman (or woman). A few weeks ago I received some samples of a polymer clay product called Bozzi from my 3D friends in Brazil! I am dying to get my hands into it and give you all a full report but I've not had a chance yet. I'll post about it when I do.
I also got the L├╝rzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09/10 and the Communication Arts 2009 Illustration Annual in the mail. Love them!

I can also tell you about the 3D blog I am putting together (it's taking a while because it's in my spare time- which right now doesn't exist). The address will be and my aim is to showcase 3D illustrations and other sculpted stuff by a different artist each week (i hope?!) The whole point is to celebrate the medium and get more people excited about it! If you make dimensional work, please get in touch.