Tuesday, December 16, 2008

inspiration overload!

Joe Scarpulla, David Bell, Amy Grant
One week ago today (I would have posted this sooner but I've been covered in Sculpey) we went with the fabulous Amy Grant http://thetumbleweedstudio.com/ (my former Parsons student, turned assistant and now... amazing friend!) to visit the studio of two other of my former students- the ridiculously talented David Bell http://www.davidbellstudio.com/ and Joe Scarpulla.

They showed us the incredible sets and figures they've built for their stop motion film. We even got to see some of the footage which blew us all away! What a HUGE treat we're in for when this film is finished. Personally, I cannot wait!

These guys make me feel like anything is possible. They taught themselves how to build armatures for stop motion, how to make molds, what equipment to use in terms of cameras and lighting, the programs, the list goes on.... So inspiring! Thanks guys!

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